83% of tourists choose to stay in an Airbnb when visiting the North of England

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Airbnbs in up North

The North of England and Manchester exclusively is one of the most popular tourist destinations across the UK.

It’s not hard to see why with our beautiful scenery, access to various excellent tourist locations, and quiet country life.

Many of our visitors from London, Manchester and other big cities across the UK choose the North when looking for a mini-break.

There are many reasons why people want to visit the North of England for a holiday.

But, there is an interesting pattern in the number of tourists who decide to stay in an Airbnb.

Why do travellers choose Airbnb?

Despite a large number of hotels across the world, more people are choosing to stay at an Airbnb.

83% of tourists that visit North Yorkshire admit they choose to stay in an Airbnb rather than a traditional hotel or B&B.

People may wonder why do tourists like Airbnbs?

Some people may see Airbnb as no different from a traditional hotel, but Airbnbs are popular amongst travellers for a variety of reasons:

Property managers and Airbnb

Airbnb is not only popular for tourists.

Many property managers that provide short-term lettings choose Airbnb as their property management provider.

Unlike being responsible for their property marketing and management, they see Airbnb as one that benefits them.

Airbnb does all the hard work for property managers, which includes:

Alternatively, owners can choose to have their properties run by specific AirBnB management companies.

One that stands out most for Airbnb Manchester is HelloGuest. For a customer, choosing the right property is vital, HelloGuest will help select the one most ideal when planning your perfect getaway.

Helps to avoid any bumps or disappointment when booking your next stay.

Is staying in an Airbnb right for you?

Some people may be more open-minded to staying in an Airbnb.

Unlike others who may be turned away from Airbnbs because they do not operate in the same way that hotels do, some may be more open-minded when it comes to where they stay.

Despite the average holidaymaker only spending 10 hours a day in their accommodation, they still believe where they are staying has some importance.

Even in North Yorkshire, Airbnbs are becoming immensely popular amongst the younger demographic.

If you are someone who loves to stay in different places and see the less-touristy side of the North, an Airbnb will be the perfect choice for you.