A Typical Day in Rehab

What is a typical day in rehab like?

Again, this will entirely depend on the particular rehab centre you attend.

A typical day in addiction rehab will include an early morning wake up and bedtime, 3 hearty and balanced meals, and a variety of individual and group therapies.

Available therapies and programmes include:

  • 12-step programmes
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Behavioural therapy
  • Specialised therapy sessions
  • Holistic and relaxation therapies
  • Family therapy

NHS Vs private rehabilitation centres

Once you have decided you are ready to seek treatment, it can be confusing when you are faced with the option of attending a private or NHS rehabilitation centre.

Unfortunately, while the NHS offers free support, it can take some time before you can begin treatment, unless you are seeking emergency care, of course.

With a private rehab centre, you won’t be placed on a waiting list and you will receive help immediately.

While choosing a private rehabilitation centre is more expensive, there is a wide range of specialist treatment options available and there will be no delay in getting the help you need, whatever your situation: one of the UK’s leading private clinics and fast patient referrals is Castle Craig, UK.

Can friends and family visit?

Depending on the rehab, your family and friends will be able to visit. Whether or not your family can visit will depend on the facilities on-site as well as the security of the hospital.

Some rehabs offer specialised family therapy and accommodation on-site so that individuals and their families can work through problems and discords and recover together.

How much does rehab cost?

If you choose private residential rehab then it will always cost something. There are minimal free services available, especially for residential rehab.

Residential rehab will begin at £5,000 for a 28-day rehab. The more expensive the rehab, the higher-quality care you will receive, so it is important to consider the rehab centre itself rather than the cost sometimes.

This is because there are so many finance options: Insurance, credit card payments, and instalment payment options.

Will my loved ones trust me after rehab?

A simple answer is, yes, of course, they will. Your loved ones will only want the best for you, and they will be there before, during and after your treatment. They will be a really great support network for your recovery – they will help support, motivate and encourage you to maintain your sober life after rehab. More.